Sheila Harper
Stories of love & danger in preternatural* worlds
I've been writing stories since 2nd grade: horse stories in my childhood, and later, romance novels and romantic suspense. But something was always missing, despite my grownup love of romance and mysteries, so my writing stalled ... until I started watching "Lois & Clark."

That was it: romance, action, danger, and a quirky fantasy. When I read my first Lois & Clark fanfic, I was hooked. I'd found my niche, and "A Shot in the Dark" was born.

Seven FoLC writing awards and 350,000 words later, I still love writing Lois & Clark stories, but God is pushing me beyond fanfic. I've created my own fantasy world and I'm writing short stories and a novel set in it. Until I have some news about that, you can read my fanfic at

*Preternatural is "outside of or surpassing the ordinary course of nature." It includes both supernatural and extraordinary, and those define my favorite worlds.
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